I am glad you are visiting our blog. At GFACT, we do all that is necessary to ensure everyone who comes in contact with us, becomes better physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have no doubt you will have a good time with us. We also have our events here for you to see and be part of. Kindly follow us on our social media platforms. We are open to your ideas please, do well to engage us from time to time. GFACT is here for you. Blessings.

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Pst. Joe Nenji
Founder / President

Our Mission:

What We Do:

Regular Weekly Meeting

GFACT members with invitation to new members
Music, theatre and dance.
Seminars or workshops to discuss trending or burning issues.


Those involved in relationships
Those about to marry.
Married couples.
Separated/Divorced couples
Correct the abused word “Love”.
Touch of red comes up during the Valentine season every year.


Musical concert aimed at celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Time Schedule- Sunday before Easter Sunday.


This is GFACT’S annual general program which holds every last Sunday in October, every year.
GFACT members and the general public


STYLE-Shape the Young Lives Early.
Secondary Schools.
Career Guide.
Mentoring path.
End Juvenile delinquency


Remand home for the young.
Painting brightly the colorless lives of the less privileged in the society.
Providing material resources.
Providing financial resources.
Organizing Skill acquisition workshops at the center.
Helping with the rehabilitation process.
Providing proper orientation for them to be incorporated back into the society as useful law abiding citizens.
Providing spiritual guidance through the word of God, the Bible.

Board of trustee


Author image
Pst. Joe Nenji
Founder / President

Latest News & Events



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What God is doing through Gfact


It's a privilege to be part of these great and visionary family that is growing into a large community. This vision has touched lifes and transformed youths. Making worship a focus in OLIVE concerts has brought my spirit connected to God. God bless GFact Family.

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Promise Shedrach

I came in contact with GFACT a little over a year ago. I have enjoyed fellowshipping with fellow believers. I admire the zeal with which GFACT members ensure to make the organization remain relevant in this present age. The love in GFACT is overwhelming! She is indeed a family.

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Chukwunonso N. Ogbogu

My one great life changing encounter with GFACT was on the 30th of June 2019. I had known the family for some time, but was still not sure if God wanted me to be a member. Then I got expelled from school for a very serious crime that I didn't commit but I was alleged to have committed the crime. Subsequently, without any investigation, I was sent out of the school. It became a very trying time for me as I could not imagine 3 years gone, so there was so much pressure on me not knowing what to do. As it was, my parents were at Abuja while I was staying at the family house alone at that time. The thought of suicide was strong on me, but God guarded my steps to attend fellowship at GFACT, and the President brought up a topic, "Why are young church youths committing suicide?" That was how I got a new light ever since. Today I am schooling at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN) Jos, also a Catechist (Pastor) with the St Peter Cathedral Church Bukuru. GFACT has become home for me, and I believe that God is truly working amongst us.

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John Davou

Well, I came to know GFACT as a child, and I don't regret being part of the family. This family has helped me see the world from a different view. Young people are struggling under the bondage of many things. This family has helped me realise that I could be a channel in trying to make them (those under bondage) see the great light which is Christ. Also, the family has helped me to realize that denomination is just a barrier and that there's strength in meeting with different people from different places in a bid to worship God.

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Gfact has helped me establish footing in my calling. It created the platform to enable me express the giftings of God in music (listening, singing, teaching and directing). My passion grew immensely while I was in Jos and of course my skills were sharpened due to frequent practice. It’s been a time of great blessing for me embedding with Gfact and I truly miss every moment shared before my transfer in 2014. I will always be part of this great family. GFACT...forever in my heart.

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Jude Sarafa

GFACT was the platform where I received one of my life's greatest gifts (hubby). I met this man with a very large heart my better half & selfless, a great support there amongst the many other life changing lessons and experiences. All kudos to the vessel who allowed himself to be used of God - Pst. Joe Nenji

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Gfact has been a blessing to me in diverse ways I joined Gfact a year ago and I've grabbed so much in so little time. Since I joined Gfact, there's been an upgrade in my spiritual life, social life and in my academics. God bless GFACT!

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Ozigi Onimisi Mishael

GFACT helped me step out of my comfort zone and made me express a hidden part of me in singing. GFACT also has enlightened me more on love and impartation to your world.

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Uduebholo Isimeme Emmanuella

God had used GFACT to be a tremendous blessing to me. Ever since I joined this Family I've seen an incredible increase in my level of understanding the scriptures and immense growth in my worship life. I'm also grateful to the Lord for using the President of this crew to give me the confidence to grow and mature into the person of the Music Director from the young kid that I was when I first joined. And I'm using the Word and skills I've learnt overtime everywhere I'm at ministering. I'm sure this is just the beginning of the great heights that God is taking this Family and I to and I'm super grateful to be part of it.

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Gideon 'Ihechi' Ukpai

One love family, GFACT, has really helped me by encouraging me to minister to people in many areas...not just through songs. For me, there is satisfaction, because I am fullfiling purpose

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I got introduced to Gfact through a course mate in school when I asked him to suggest a great choir for me. By great I wasn't just refering to their ability to sing excellently, for me it also meant a place where I could grow and learn while not made to feel inferior. I found that at Gfact, by the time I was leaving I was better than I was when I came and I was especially encourage spiritually by all the program that made up the Gfact calendar. It proved that when God is at work love is shown all round... not just to family, but to strangers also.

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Theophilus Mlaku Love

Gfact has blessed my life in a a lot of ways I can't really say all but then I can definitely say they brought out the courage in my singing talent which was something I battled with for a long time and most importantly I can say they showed me the word of God in a new perspective, everyday the word becomes clear vivid and easy to comprehend. God bless them and I hope others get to experience this as well and they cone through! Thank you

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Pardon Joshua

When I attended a GFact meeting, I felt it in my spirit that I wasn't at the wrong place. Though I've only been with them for a short time, I feel so welcomed. The people are friendly. Very friendly. In short, GFact is a real family.

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Ukeh Chiamaka Blessing

GFACT has really impacted much in my life. She made me realise my talents and gifts which the organization developed. This made me channel my talents the right way.

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Ishaku Abel

GFACT has been a family to me, like literally. I started coming to G Fact around that period when I finished sec school, from the first Day I attended the meeting, I just got connected to the family. Every week I always wanted Sunday to reach so I could attend G Fact. The messages were so impactful to my life (and still are). It's been an honor been part of such a wonderful family. However this message always stayed with me and encourages me always. Pastor Nenji always says, Angels can sing better without any rehearsal, but when God hears us praise, he's amazed and stands from His throne. It's not because of the Harmony or because we can sing, but because of the intention of the heart and the work we put to rehearsals. Angels don't need to rehearse, but we do, that's why our praise is so moving. So therefore that message always makes me to want to work on my skills and sharpen them to be better at what I do and give God the best He deserves.

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Israel B Jonathan

I came into GFACT in October 2018 just few weeks to Olive 2018. As at that time, a lot of things were running through my mind as to move my life forward as an individual. Fortunately, coming into GFACT gave my life a meaning as words of encouragement kept coming from GFACT'S President and his wife. They both took me in as a son. So, to the entire GFACT Crew, I can't just stop loving you. I can't love you less. Let's keep the flag flying. God bless

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Minister Kofi Lewis FRIMPONG-MANSOH a.k.a KSONG

GFACT is an awesome place to be. While at home, I look forward to fellowshipping with fellow believers. It is a home where you find peace and love. GFACT also gives you the opportunity to express your gifting.

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Nancy Tenerat Kwon
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Celebration of colours - Provision of clothes, toiletries, health care products. Annual celebration party.