A 'Touch of Red' - 2020

09, Feb 2020

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'Touch of Red' (ToR) is slated for the 9th February, 2020. It is GFACT's brand of Valentine Celebration. We are saddled with the responsibility of correcting the wrong notion of 'LOVE'. This special event was born out of the consistent abuse of the word 'LOVE.' Particular focus is on remedying relationship problems and issues arising from the misunderstanding of the word 'LOVE'. We ensure to provide a platform where we discuss controversies surrounding Love, relationships and marriage. Participants get to be fully engaged as they exercise their liberty to ask questions, with the Word of God being our reference. So, when we discuss, we find out that people become liberated in their minds. Since inception, we have witnessed tremendous growth, positive change, mind alignment and spiritual stability as a result of the effect of this special valentine program. Testimonies abound. Last year's edition saw us discuss about 'MARRIAGE, DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE.' This saw successful married couples and marriage experts from different walks of life add value by demystifying concepts relating to marriage and divorce. This year's edition will see discussants tackle the concept of love from a different and unique angle. The topic being 'LOVE & COMPLEXITIES - IS IT (MARRIAGE) WORTH IT?' will see discussants looking into the interplay between In-laws, Suicide, Marriage and Love. GATE PASS - A Touch of Red (Free) SIDE ATTRACTIONS: - Fingerlicking Experience - Fastest Fingers - Freebies The official hashtag for this year's event is '#TouchOfRed2020' Do well to join the conversation on our social media handles. We look forward to fellowshipping with you at the Touch of Red. Do not be told. Be there! BLESSINGS!

09, Feb 2020

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