08, Feb 2020

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There were questions participants had to put to fore. This triggered controversies. Fortunately, we had these issues bothering participants settled with thr word of God as the foundation. The following are answers profered to questions raised: Question 1: When Parents are doing their best and children still misbehave, what could be the problem? Answer: The fault is always linked to the parents. You need to look deep. Rebelling children only need attention. Question 2: Love as one of the most used words in the world, do we go by the Biblical definition of love or by the general world view? Answer: As followers of Christ, the Bible is the standard. Question 3: As a lady, is it okay to marry someone who is not working? Answer: Are you looking for someone to sponsor you? Are you looking for someone to take care of you? Anyways, the man should be working. It is not advisable, as a lady, to marry a man who is doing nothing. Work is work. It is not about the kind of job he is doing. All that matters is that he has something he is faithfully doing to fetch him money. QUESTION 4: When you've been married traditionally, but not on the Altar, is it right to follow the man home? Answer: You have to get married on the Altar. If circumstances prevent you from getting to the Altar, a Church blessing by a man of God will suffice. QUESTION 5: Whenone has Pre-marital sex and repents. Is it okay to dance during one's wedding? Is it okay to confess to the church before one Weds? This is because some churches refuse to wed couples once they have had Pre-marital sex. Answer: After confessing, it is okay to be wedded. QUESTION 6: When a guy and a lady decide to get married, and then, the lady gets pregnant which his parents refuse him getting married to her. Does he leave the lady? Or does he disobey his parents who have to give their blessings eventually? Answer: First step is to take responsibility for the child. After which, you keep praying and hoping God changes your parents mind. QUESTION 7: When a girl doesn't act rightly (in yoir opinion), and you try to put her to act right, but she refuses. If you break up and she places a curse on you, would it stand? Answer: Don't break a lady's heart or a guy's heart without proper apology or reconciliation. The curse could stand if you don't. QUESTION 8: If the two people IN A MARRIAGE are of different religion, should any then consider to opt for a divorce? Answer: It all comes down to AGREEMENT. If they could still live peacefully and are okay with it, they should not get divorced. ANCHORED: Pst Yemi Olayiwole Senior Pastor, Ark of Destiny Christian Church, Zarmanganda, Rayfield, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

08, Feb 2020

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