Why Should I Discover My Sphere of Influence as a Believer

09, Jun 2020

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A Sphere of Influence is a region or domain of activity wherein is granted one the power to control, affect, change the development of the fluctuating factors of that domain. It is a niche of placement of an entity, where he/she is capacitated to affect the operation and progression of unfolding events It is a determined space where one is enabled to prosper effortlessly and impress significant consequence It is an area of specialization where one can determine outcomes and consequences. We cannot over emphasize the relevance of discovering of sphere of influence, for any of us to be relevant in God's agenda of divinely colonizing this cosmos, it is essential to discover your sphere of influence, to avoid striving in futility The fulfilment of your ordination relies essentially on the discovery of your determined niche, and that transcends to your Success. Success for the believer shouldn't be viewed nor considered as mere carnal attainment, it is employing your God given potential to affect the kingdom and to effect the kingdom. So this becomes the parameter by which your success is qualified from the kingdom's view Every potential if it should be viewed for what it is should be considered within its appropriate sphere.* *So if its sphere is not known, on what platform then can the actualization of potential be successful*_ God's grand design is to colonize the entire civilizations of the world, this is not just to be executed in the millennium reign, No! , that's just to be its culmination, but that even now that divine colonization is on going by the instrumentality of our potentials been explored and employed within its accurate niche Our potentials are what validate our presence within our spheres of influence, void of that, we cannot command influence Do not forget, because the possessors of these spheres must be dismobilized from the church (not denomination), but from the church into all the worlds, the influences we're exerting are not self derived, but Godly orchestrated You have no right to possess any of these spheres if you're not sent by the church (not denomination), because your agenda cannot be trusted. The goal of God's kingdom colonizing cosmos is too make God popular in all the spheres, and his worship acknowledged and accepted One of my favorite characters in scriptures, Daniel showed to us that a reason for our divine placement in any mountain (sphere) of influence is to command a global worship of Yahweh. His unmeandered conviction in the worship of God amidst political and religious maliciousness vindicated his faith and proclaimed a universal acknowledgement of God, this is the manifesto we must imprint in our spheres of influence. Written by: Emmanuella Isimeme Bello

09, Jun 2020

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@Emmanuella, this write up really touched something in me, thank you
6 months ago

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